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Rebecca Lankford 14K Yellow Gold Ring and Dangle Necklace

Rebecca Lankford 14K Yellow Gold Ring and Dangle Necklace

$ 735.00

Rebecca Lankford 14K yellow gold rolo chain is accented with 14k yellow gold rings and dangles. Measures approximately 17" long.

Rebecca Lankford started designing about 15 years ago making jewelry for herself and friends as a hobby. She decided to enroll at the Glassell School of Art to study photography, but gravitated back to jewelry. Rebecca Lankford Designs opened officially in 1993 when a local art gallery picked up the line. The company since has grown steadily, now being sold nationwide as well as in Europe, Japan, and Mexico. Rebecca attributes her creative passion to her mom. “I grew up with a mom that was extremely creative, she made everything, she was a fantastic gardener, she made patterns to make beautiful clothes, and she even crocheted a bikini for me once.” “…people ask me about the symbolism in the jewelry, I tell them it’s simply, I love crosses and I love what they stand for.” Rebecca’s Jewelry designs range from Bohemian to Sophisticated and are constantly evolving through different experiences. “I love what I do, I am inspired constantly, ...I am moved to design.”