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Dayna Decker Candle - "Oud Vetiver"

Dayna Decker Candle - "Oud Vetiver"

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Richly scented Dayna Decker Candle - 12 oz. in gilded container.

For the chic and sophisticated home fragrance connoisseur. Dayna Decker's Atelier Collection encapsulates purity, luxury and decadence. You will be persuaded by the sexy, sultry fragrance, allured by the crackling sound of the proprietary EcoWood Wick and captivated by the fashionable, elegant packaging.

Oud Vetiver: ENJOY. INDULGE. LUXURIATE. You will smell hints of tangerine, murraya flower, lavender, ginger, cardamom, davana, and white musk.