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A Mother's Love. May 09, 2013

With Mother's Day fast approaching, I found myself frantically searching our Fairway store for the perfect gift...then I glanced up and saw a vision.  Larger than life, Mother Theresa smiled down at me from an amazing hand-printed Faliero Sarti scarf, surrounded by this poem:


The most beautiful day? Today The biggest obstacle?  Fear The easiest thing? Equivocate The main error? To give up The root of all evils? Selfishness The best distraction? Job The worst route to follow? Discouragement The best teacher? children The greatest happiness? To be useful to others The greatest mystery? Death The worst defect? Bad temper The most dangerous person? the Liar The wretched feeling? Grudge The most beautiful gift? forgiveness The essential one? Family The best welcoming? A smile The best remedy? Optimism The greatest satisfaction? The duty done The most powerful force? Faith The most beautiful thing in the world? LOVE

Mother Theresa Sarti Scarf


Remembering what's important and celebrating a Mother's love...


 - Churchill in Fairway

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