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Suneera Fine Jewelry Designs April 08, 2014

Suneera Fine Jewelry Designs is a luxury brand that has been described as breath-taking originality that is elegant, romantic, and timeless. Designer and Founder, Suneera Swarup comes from from a background of art and rich textiles. Drawing from art history, architecture and her surroundings, her collection is modern antiquity.   Our owner, Sally Hilkene, wears Suneera's Aerie Ring with brown sapphire (similar to the green ring above),  almost on a daily basis.  With all of the choices she has at her fingertips, it's her "go to" ring for it's elegance and comfort in wear. This is an exciting time for the collection, as it is evolving and becoming more gold intensive. Every year, Suneera strives to reach new heights of luxury and just from her sketches, the collection this year is looking better than ever. "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala The design process starts with with sketches from inspiration and custom-cut stones. Pieces then come to life with CAD-CAM renderings and handcrafted wax carvings. Suneera is passionate about delivering high quality craftsmanship that is comfortable, versatile, and unique. Absolem Ring Group- ABDRNG (1) Suneera's jewelry is made with 18k gold, .925 sterling silver, lustrous diamonds, and precious gemstones. Suneera's signature-long layering chains and statement rings. The look is very versatile, dressing the customer from work day to special occasion. We want her to start with one piece and build it with her own story, adding a pendant to a long chain or creating an ensemble with one-of-a-kind earrings. four seasons 3 Suneera's designs are available at, and are available for special order. Her designs evoke old world wonder, and modern day glamour which is why she is a favorite of CHURCHILL's.

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